Monday, December 12, 2022

Time to Change Your Leadership Style

The fear of being a contemporary leader is real. Think about it…so many leaders out there rose through the ranks based on conservative decision-making, risk-averse strategies, and above all else not adopting anything new until it was so safe that it actually wasn’t ‘new’ any longer.

How does that approach reconcile with the post-pandemic world of work? Well, it doesn’t. 

Stale approaches from yesteryear (think 2019) seem much older and outdated than they actually are. That’s a difficult concept to wrap our heads around. How could so much have changed so rapidly? And without our approval no less!

So what will it take to move to the next level? How can you move from your safe, and candidly not all that inspiring mindset, to that of a charismatic modern leader? How will you rewire your brain to literally think and act differently? It can be done!

The first step is actually the hardest. Decide. 

It sounds simple enough; and you and I know it is far harder than one word because what follows is really difficult. You have to deliver on your commitment to shed outdated (and comfortable) approaches to leading people. 

It will be scary. You will stumble…and then get better. It will be new. It will be unchartered waters for you.

And it will transform your effectiveness as a leader.

Are you ready to make the decision? Let’s chat any time to explore what it means for you.

Thanks for being here.


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