Monday, February 27, 2023

Forge Something New

I like to think I'm a reasonably well-adjusted adult with a good perspective on the world of work after more than twenty-five years in leadership. I believe I have something to offer both my organization, and the clients I serve.

I like to think I know what to do…but I’m not entirely sure sometimes.

Maybe that feeling hits you too?


Feeling a bit stuck is not unusual for leaders at any stage of their career. Wondering if the effort, stress and pressure is worth the trouble is a common mental journey we all take from time to time. Add the anxiety of making the right decision at the right moment and you have a recipe for a leadership break down.

Having someone to connect with, to work through current challenges, and plan a path forward to advance your career is a normal, and candidly, healthy way to build your professional life.

I’ve never been more passionate about the opportunity leaders have today. Think about it…the world is in absolute turmoil…work rules have changed…employee expectations of their employers have changed…and leaders are the ones who can grab hold of all of this and forge something completely new.

Let’s connect and talk about how you are going to transform…for real…yourself and your organization.

Thanks for being here.


Monday, February 20, 2023

Belonging in an Era of Division

Divided workforces.

Divided communities.

Divided churches.

Divided families.

Yet…leaders are expected to create a place where employees not only feel they are contributing and doing meaningful work; and have that same workplace feel welcoming for everyone.


I don’t think so.

What makes the difference? Who makes these disparate elements coalesce into a productive and supportive culture?

We do.

That’s our job as leaders, right? We set the tone for everything. It might feel like a burden sometimes. Although if I’m being honest, I more often consider it a privilege. How many people in this world actually have the opportunity to set the tone for a company’s culture?

Not many.

So how does one go about turning this grandiose vision into reality? It starts with energy. Lots of sustained energy from you. Energy captures people’s attention. Energy makes others want to follow. Energy inspires and helps the team believe that something good will happen.

We have to be that energy.

It’s the first step in the process, but an all-important one nonetheless.

How do you bring energy to your leadership practice?

Thanks for being here.


Monday, February 13, 2023

These Things

I don’t know about you, but it sure feels as if 2023 is trying to make up for a a couple of lost years during the pandemic. Everything seems to be coming at me faster and with more intensity than ever before.

More pressure.

More expectations.

More people relying on me.

As I do a bit of a new year reset, I’ve identified a few things that will be important to my success this year and beyond. 

1. Think holistically about my time. Not work time vs. personal time. It’s all just…time. This now affords me the flexibility to integrate everything I’m responsible for into all sorts of non-traditional time slots. Work needs to get done…but assuming ‘normal business hours’ are when the majority of it needs to be completed makes no sense any longer.

2. Stop doing meaningless tasks that don’t move my business or life forward. My life is quite layered in 2023, and I need to be focused exclusively on high impact issues. My to-do list is so full of low impact tasks it’s embarrassing. This means as I simply drop the small stuff others might believe I’m not getting my work done, when in fact, I’m focusing on the big stuff only from now on.

3. Bring energy constantly. I’ve written about my energy level in the past, and as my new projects add up it will be that bolt of energy that makes a huge difference.

There’s a phrase about the little things mean the most, except for me, focusing on the big things is going to be the only thing. What are you focusing on this year?

Thanks for being here.



Thursday, February 9, 2023

Bound to Fail, Again

I think it’s interesting that we default human nature to negative behavior. Think about it for a minute. People take the easiest path…and it’s human nature. Employees do just enough to get by…and it’s human nature. Leaders sit back and avoid conflict because….well…it’s human nature.

And we almost expect things in life to go poorly…we’re bound to fail…it’s human nature.

I’m calling B.S. on human nature. There is a huge difference between courage (which is the human nature I prefer) and laziness. Laziness is not human nature…it’s a choice…it’s an excuse…and makes people look like fools.

Self-Confidence First

When was the last time you heard someone characterize a leader’s courageous style as their “human nature?” We all know…albeit only a few leaders…whose courage seems to come naturally. 

They have no fear when it comes to trying new strategies. They don’t worry about consequences the way we think they should. 

They are rule breakers…they don’t care about norms…they just see endless possibilities.

It’s in their nature.

Bound to Win
So how do we move from “life is horrible” to “I am so committed to helping my organization win that I’ll try anything?” What is the secret that moves us from the hapless masses that quite candidly are a waste of our time…to moving in to the rarefied air of being confident, fearless, and loaded with so much courage we scare those around us?

The answer is quite simple…but the execution is difficult for most. Corporate pressure and politics cloud our ability to think clearly. They become derailers that move us away from winning for our organizations. You must do what you are scared to do…what you think is too politically complicated…and what may compromise your position. 

Others may mock you along the way. So what?

Others may openly question if you’re doing the right things. So what?

You may even end up feeling quite alone along the path to progress.  So what?

How About You
You are NOT bound to fail. You are bound to take risks…to try new things…and make a real difference.

Do not falter.
Do not look back.
Do not rejoin the hordes of leaders stuck in 1995.
Lead. Today.

Thanks for being here.


Monday, February 6, 2023

I Will Live My Thanks

Even though the world feels like it’s completely upside down, I’ve been doing some thinking about how lucky I am. It was worth the few minutes it took to gather my thoughts. Maybe a small investment of time will help you gain some perspective too.

Personal stuff that really matters to me.


My mom and sister.

My kids.

My granddaughter.

My faith.

My church family.

My friends.

My music.

My health.

My city.

Business stuff I’m thankful for.

My job at my firm.

My current and former colleagues.

My business associates.

My career.

My opportunities ahead.

What’s on your list?

Thanks for being here.