Monday, April 24, 2023

Hold Your Tongue

I had an exchange recently with a friend on LinkedIn about leadership, and the clear indications that our future leaders…who are today’s rising stars…will bring a much different view of the workplace. 

The old expectations…

Taking one for the team. 
Falling in line with the corporate message. 
Understanding “how things are done around here.”

You get the point…however, they’re simply not going to buy in to what we’ve all gobbled up over the course of our careers.

And they shouldn’t have to.

Disruption is the future. It’s their future to disrupt, and I for one think it’s terrific. How many of us have lamented how the world of work is today, yet never pushed a single boundary? I’m grateful I’ve done more than my share of pushing…and candidly have been criticized for it as well.

Disruption is going to be how the world of work operates in a massive new way. Let that sink in for a second. Disruptors used to be labeled as a “bad fit for the organization” and were summarily fired. 

Now, they will be in the most senior executive roles challenging all of us to think differently. Are you ready for that? Clinging to old ways will guarantee that you are the one who is a “bad fit for the organization.”

I’m excited to be part of the new wave of leadership that thinks bigger, and differently, and candidly…BETTER!

Who else is ready?

Thanks for being here.


Monday, April 17, 2023

New Leaders: To Ask or Not to Ask

New leaders regardless of their age of often fall victim to the perception that asking questions is a sign of weakness and incompetence. I suffered from this same affliction early in my career as well.

While I understand where this thinking comes from, I now know that it is not real. In fact, as I transitioned from middle manager to executive I was always impressed with new leaders that were willing to ask questions. Why? Because it showed me that not only did they want to learn, it also demonstrated their willingness to take the risk of “looking bad” in my eyes so they could be more impactful.

That’s the good stuff.

My message however is not targeted at new leaders to somehow find the courage to ask questions. The pressure is on us, as seasoned leaders to create an environment where these new leaders feel comfortable…perhaps are even required…to ask questions.

Too provocative? Of course not.

What specific steps do you take to create a questioning culture with your new leaders?

Thanks for being here.


Monday, April 10, 2023

Is Your Passion for Leadership Quiet Quitting on You?

Has your energy level dropped lately? Do you feel like Mondays are no longer a day that kicks off an exciting new week; but rather, is now just another day? Has that inner drive that propelled you forward for so long somehow disappeared?

I want to help. 

Leadership at any level can be maddening, thrilling, stressful, panic-inducing, and ultimately the most rewarding job on the planet. But sometimes we drift a bit and lose our way. That’s when it’s important to connect with someone who will bring the energy, focus, and support necessary for you to continue to conquer your world.

Sound like a sales pitch? Actually I’m calling out those leaders who are ready to ditch the excuses that they “just don’t feel it anymore” and help them kick their career back into overdrive.

I don’t follow traditional coaching methodologies telling you what type of person you are. I’m pretty sure you know that already. I also don’t want to force fit you into some model that you have to follow.

We’ll have real conversations…challenging ones at times…that will push you forward. We will work on what’s happening in your world today. We’ll address your headaches, help you see new opportunities, and force you to think bigger. 

You can never think big enough! Not today, or tomorrow, or ever. So I’m going to push you.

If that sounds like too much, that’s okay. When you’re ready to take things to the next level I’ll be here. However, if your time is now, let’s connect and figure it out.

I’m ready to go.

Thanks for being here.



Monday, April 3, 2023


This week is a rarity for me. I’m actually taking some time away. Like you, I have a long list of reasons why I should be working: my regular job is going full speed; my book just came out; my side company just launched; there is more volunteering to do…

And, I’m finally practicing what I’ve been preaching for years. If you don’t rest and recharge you will never be truly effective.

So, as you consider how to spend your time in 2023, my hope is that you will be able to find a few days to allow yourself the opportunity to downshift and reset.

Thanks for being here.