Monday, April 17, 2023

New Leaders: To Ask or Not to Ask

New leaders regardless of their age of often fall victim to the perception that asking questions is a sign of weakness and incompetence. I suffered from this same affliction early in my career as well.

While I understand where this thinking comes from, I now know that it is not real. In fact, as I transitioned from middle manager to executive I was always impressed with new leaders that were willing to ask questions. Why? Because it showed me that not only did they want to learn, it also demonstrated their willingness to take the risk of “looking bad” in my eyes so they could be more impactful.

That’s the good stuff.

My message however is not targeted at new leaders to somehow find the courage to ask questions. The pressure is on us, as seasoned leaders to create an environment where these new leaders feel comfortable…perhaps are even required…to ask questions.

Too provocative? Of course not.

What specific steps do you take to create a questioning culture with your new leaders?

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