Monday, April 10, 2023

Is Your Passion for Leadership Quiet Quitting on You?

Has your energy level dropped lately? Do you feel like Mondays are no longer a day that kicks off an exciting new week; but rather, is now just another day? Has that inner drive that propelled you forward for so long somehow disappeared?

I want to help. 

Leadership at any level can be maddening, thrilling, stressful, panic-inducing, and ultimately the most rewarding job on the planet. But sometimes we drift a bit and lose our way. That’s when it’s important to connect with someone who will bring the energy, focus, and support necessary for you to continue to conquer your world.

Sound like a sales pitch? Actually I’m calling out those leaders who are ready to ditch the excuses that they “just don’t feel it anymore” and help them kick their career back into overdrive.

I don’t follow traditional coaching methodologies telling you what type of person you are. I’m pretty sure you know that already. I also don’t want to force fit you into some model that you have to follow.

We’ll have real conversations…challenging ones at times…that will push you forward. We will work on what’s happening in your world today. We’ll address your headaches, help you see new opportunities, and force you to think bigger. 

You can never think big enough! Not today, or tomorrow, or ever. So I’m going to push you.

If that sounds like too much, that’s okay. When you’re ready to take things to the next level I’ll be here. However, if your time is now, let’s connect and figure it out.

I’m ready to go.

Thanks for being here.



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