Monday, April 24, 2023

Hold Your Tongue

I had an exchange recently with a friend on LinkedIn about leadership, and the clear indications that our future leaders…who are today’s rising stars…will bring a much different view of the workplace. 

The old expectations…

Taking one for the team. 
Falling in line with the corporate message. 
Understanding “how things are done around here.”

You get the point…however, they’re simply not going to buy in to what we’ve all gobbled up over the course of our careers.

And they shouldn’t have to.

Disruption is the future. It’s their future to disrupt, and I for one think it’s terrific. How many of us have lamented how the world of work is today, yet never pushed a single boundary? I’m grateful I’ve done more than my share of pushing…and candidly have been criticized for it as well.

Disruption is going to be how the world of work operates in a massive new way. Let that sink in for a second. Disruptors used to be labeled as a “bad fit for the organization” and were summarily fired. 

Now, they will be in the most senior executive roles challenging all of us to think differently. Are you ready for that? Clinging to old ways will guarantee that you are the one who is a “bad fit for the organization.”

I’m excited to be part of the new wave of leadership that thinks bigger, and differently, and candidly…BETTER!

Who else is ready?

Thanks for being here.


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