Friday, October 22, 2010

Collaborate? Why? I Already Have All The Answers!

A Recruitment Priority

An interesting phenomenon has entered the leadership recruitment discussions I have been involved with lately.  That is, what is the primary skill required of a new leader joining an organization?
  • Extensive experience?
  • Technical competence?
  • Demonstrated financial savvy?
  • Ability to collaborate with others?

Wait.  What was that last one?
  • Ability to collaborate with others?

Hmmm.  Collaboration.  As the number one priority?  That does not sound nearly as sexy as "saved $2 million dollars on the benefit plan" or; "implemented a process that increased net revenue by 18%."  I'm not suggesting these examples are not important; in fact, they are terrific successes.  However, if we are going to push ourselves to identify core competencies for leaders, collaboration must be near the top.

Many Perspectives - Common Theme

This issue comes up in a variety of ways.  Ken Blanchard addresses collaboration  in this brief slideshare presentation. 

Accomplished HR Leader and blogger Trish McFarlane wrote this piece on the benefits of connecting with disengaged employeesBoth of these examples point to the critical importance of collaboration. 

Risks and Rewards

We can all appreciate the fear that creeps in when we give up a measure of control.  Oh sure, we profess to be inclusive, but when push comes to shove, do we really let go?  Are we willing to listen to our teams and let their opinions count?  Do we fully appreciate the reward we will receive when we work together with our talented employees? 


What About You?

Do you collaborate with your team?  Have you taken the steps necessary in your approach to leadership that demonstrates your commitment to collaboration?  If I met with your team would they confirm your commitment?  I know this isn't certainly isn't easy for me.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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