Thursday, February 24, 2011

Power Post - Who Died and Made Me King?

I am very fortunate.  I live in a free society.  I am reasonably healthy (*knocking on wood*).  I work for a mission-driven organization that provides inpatient and outpatient services to critically ill children.  My CEO "gets it" relative to HR and is very supportive.    I am also in a leadership role that requires me to make decisions constantly.  Some of those decisions are very difficult ones.

So does that make me some sort of genius?  Am I now the repository of knowledge that others should seek out because obviously I must be special?   How else could I have landed this job in the first place?  Right?


I have been given the privilege to lead.  It is not a right, it is not an entitlement, and it certainly does not mean I have nothing left to learn.  In fact, as my career has moved along, it is more clear to me than ever before that I must constantly push myself to try new things, to jump (not step) out of my comfort zone, and go for it.

I do have a tremendous amount of responsibility and authority.  But no, I am not a King.  I am here to serve those that work hard every single day.  I'm here to help create the best environment possible for them to do their amazing work.

Sometimes I lose sight of that...and for that I apologize.

How about you?  Is it coronation day; or, are you ready to set a real example for those around you?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Mountain State


  1. Jay - Really like this post. It's way too tempting to want to see our name appear in different social media forums as much as possible. However, content and substance have a much longer lasting effect. You, my friend, are a "content and substance" person. I appreciate your candor and for opening up to us all the time. It keeps me in check as well.

  2. Well Jay as Czar I don't know if I should comment on the royalty thing or not.

    I too often get that feeling from others - who made you king? Like you, in some capacity it is a position you & I hold - now - not forever. You do the best that you can while you are there.

    It is always easy to Monday Morning quarterback things. In the volunteer realm (hockey) I can remember telling people I am sorry you disagree with my decision, but next year when you step up and volunteer to president of the organization you can fix all of my mistakes!

    Enjoyed the short read!

  3. Agree: Humility and caution serve us well.

    Humility is especially appropriate when we don't have the room to be cautious as we face the daily crush and the screaming needs of business.

  4. True representation of servant leadership. It's a noble cause. Great post Jay!

  5. James - well said...they do serve us well!

    Dave - I agree...these positions are not lifetime appointments. Doing our absolute best will serve us all well.

    Steve - Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it very much.

  6. I love this post. Sometimes we all need "grounded".