Wednesday, January 4, 2012

There's a Laboratory in Your Workplace

Amazing things happen in laboratories. Specimens are analyzed to discover the truth behind illnesses, theories are tested and become life-saving medicines, innovative thinking pushes the limits of what is "normal"...and silos are broken down allowing crazy ideas to turn in to realities in the workplace.

Wait...uh...what was that last one?

Where Are You Gene Wilder
You remember that famous innovator, Young Frankenstein, don't you? The great parody of the horror classic focuses on a scientist obsessed with making a dramatic breakthrough only to have his work go a bit haywire. A classic movie, but also a fun reminder that sometimes we need to push the limits of our work if we're going to make a meaningful difference. When was the last time you tried something that had never been done before at your company? Was it in recruiting, employee relations, recognition,  benefits design....anything at all?

Best Practices Aren't Your Practices
If you couldn't give one example of something you've tried that's completely new then you may be using too many best practices. It's not that trying other proven approaches to solve problems is a bad idea. It's just that those are someone else's best practices, not yours. You need to modify, test, fail, revise, and try again to develop your own version. Name one innovator who never tested their own theories? I can't either.

How About You
Is your workplace a laboratory? Are you excited about the mistakes you're going to make today? Does the thought of trying something risky and new get you fired up? Who knows, you may just see your idea come to life.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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