Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Waste Another Day

TGIF! The end of a long and busy week! Time to kick back and relax! It's all about finding some "me time" this weekend!

Or maybe not.

Leading Outside the Office
We all work hard, get up ridiculously early to get to work, and spend more than half our waking hours commuting to, working at, and commuting home from work. Squeezing in a couple of hours of family/personal time each day sometimes feels like only a few minutes. But when we reflect on the many positives in our lives, its important to remember there are many who would trade places with us in the blink of an eye. They might be a neighbor, one of our kid's friends, or someone who needs a quick helping hand at the store.

We can make a difference in their lives.

Leading Inside the Office
Part of our daily routine is just that...routine. When we're rushing around the organization to this meeting or that meeting, signing stacks of paperwork so they can be sent to someone else to sign too, I wonder if we ever slow down enough to notice the people outside our departments?

In our rush to power through our routines, do we notice those who need a helping hand? Just because they have a job doesn't mean they aren't in need.

We can make a difference in their lives.

How About You
What are you going to be doing this weekend? Hopefully you (and I) will find a way to balance some down-time with some giving-time too. That's what real leaders do, right?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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