Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Building A #HealthcareHR Community

Sometimes I convince myself I'm on top of my game. It's not hard to do. I'm fortunate to have a good job at a great company, I have a supportive boss, and am surrounded by a team that makes me look much more effective than the truth would show.

That last part stings a bit, but it's true. 

Finding Communities

Being part of a profession filled with caring people who are willing to drop out of the limelight in order to help their organizations (and corresponding brands) get the credit is refreshing. In many ways the HR professional's calling is not to become the face of the franchise; but instead to help support a culture that allows "the face" to honestly connect with employees, customers, and the world.

Except it's not refreshing when there isn't a community that supports our colleagues to be as effective as possible on their own. 

Building Communities

So how does one who feels like such a natural fit in the HR space help others push beyond the traditional role of being a support-only-HR pro, and become a real leader both inside and outside the four walls of the company?

Are professional associations the answer? I'm not sure. Can an association be a community; or, is community something different, particularly for those that are looking for something that goes deeper than a one-size-fits-all membership?

The social space now offers various LinkedIn groups, community-like forums through chats, hangouts and roundtables. 

These are all valuable moments, but I'm not sure they hit the mark for the elusive community that I'm thinking about.

I feel like I'm on thin ice here. My intent is not to be critical of established organizations; rather I'm curious if there is something more that can be done to enhance what is already in place.

I also know that something seems to be missing for those of us in the #HealthcareHR world who do such great work everyday.

How About You

What do you think? Is there a need for a different type of human resources community that brings together HR professionals across the healthcare space in addition to the current structures? Or, am I simply out of touch with the established association culture and need to fall in line?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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