Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alignment Guarantees A Win

The world seems to be moving faster than ever. Changing environments continue to put enormous pressure on us to perform as both individuals and organizations. Sustaining high quality performance is not a given however simply because we have recruited a team of all-stars. In fact, a team of all-stars is only part of the story. 

In today's world of work, we need alignment if we are truly going to succeed.

Individual Leaders First
Consider what is expected of you in 2014. Is there an expectation that you as a member of the leadership team will be able to effectively manage the following issues:
-strategic plan implementation
-effective communication
-conflict (with peers and other team members)
-professional goals
-serve as a brand ambassador
-and the list goes on...

How exactly are you going to effectively work through these challenges, sometimes all of them hitting on the same day?

Communication Drives Alignment
Saying that alignment is important and achieving alignment are two very different things. From my perspective the essential piece that often eludes even the most effective organizations is communication. I'm not talking about a "campaign" or a "series of messages that are on point." No, I'm talking about leadership being together, talking, challenging each other, respecting each person's point of view, and then finding consensus on what alignment really means.

Without the meaningful investment of time to really work together as a team, true alignment will never be realized. The leader who can bring the team together, allow for productive conflict, and still coalesce that energy into alignment is a rare find in today's world.

How About You
Do you contribute to the leadership culture in your organization to ensure alignment is a top priority? Or, is your silo so full of your "stuff" that you're hoping the others let you stay in your busy, albeit unfocused, world?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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