Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Destroyer of the Universe

It didn't start out this way. The fear hadn't set in...communication was open...and most believed the long wait for a strong leader was finally over. The energy and creative ideas seemed to be just what everyone had hoped for...

Starting Out
The common "honeymoon period" for new leaders is one that the shrewd among us seize upon, and for good reason. The window of opportunity for change is usually the greatest during this transition time. The most latitude is afforded during the honeymoon, new team members are willing to go along with fresh ideas, and in turn give the new leader a chance to succeed.

"Perhaps the honeymoon period is the only time most leaders have a chance to affect real change because they struggle so mightily to inspire others once their true leadership style emerges."

Inspiration Is Mandatory
So how does one inspire others exactly? Is it through a series of ideas? Is it creating a culture that energizes the team to take risks and think big? Is it demonstrating a willingness to trust others and allow them to take ownership for the work that gets done instead of micromanaging every detail?

The answer of course is yes!

Crashing and Burning
With so much written about leadership behaviors, so many leadership development sessions being held, and a long list of assessment tools available to us all, how is it that the promise of the honeymoon could end up crashing down on the team?

Maybe the answer can be found in the selection process? Perhaps we don't intervene early enough to head off a disaster? Or maybe we just don't want to admit that a mistake has been made so we tolerate behavior because that is "just how they are?"

Perhaps we're not as strong at leading as we thought?

How About You in your organization has fallen from grace? Do you even realize the full impact? Unless you invest the time to create a safe environment for those affected to open up to you, the truth will remain an elusive target. 

How much of your culture will be destroyed while you take the typical "wait and see" approach; or, worse yet, wait for someone else to arrive and clean up your mess?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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