Monday, March 24, 2014

Battering Ram

Sometimes people have to be the battering ram. It's usually us, right? Our colleagues typically aren't up for the challenge. That's okay, I guess. Human Resources can handle it. Or at least we're supposed to. It's as if we operate differently than the other "more caring and sensitive" leaders out there.

Seriously? Since when did human resources leaders stop having feelings? It would be more accurate to say that human resources leaders are the ones that actually have the courage and skills to be the battering ram. The others are simply too soft to handle it (read here --> can't get respect from their teams because they won't address the tough employee issues.)

Too harsh? Maybe.

Crazy thought? No way. 

Ramming Speed

There is a certain intensity that takes over during times of confrontation. Regardless of the planning, documentation, scripting, and walk-throughs, one can never completely be ready for the moment.

Why? Because there is another human being involved who isn't going to follow "your" script, or appreciate your point of view (which is typically why they are in this mess to begin with.)

Few leaders are comfortable heading into that storm. It is much easier to have "HR do the talking" during those moments, right? 

We can handle the's one of our strengths. 

Ram Tough

Once the wild ride of the moment is over, and "thank you, I could never do your job" has been proclaimed as if it affords the leader a  get-out-of-jail-free card to actually lead, it is time to do what?

What happens for the HR professional who just butted heads over and over again all in the name of doing the right thing, and making sure it was done well?

Nothing, usually. We're typically checking our iPhone to see what meeting is next. I don't think that is what should happen though. 

How About You

How do you process after you've played the role of battering ram? Is it "no big deal" or is it something much more intense that you need to spend a few minutes working through? Usually we don't have others in our organizations who play our exact role to reach out to and debrief. So if you need to, reach out to me...I'll help.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



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