Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mythical Beings

I've come across hundreds of leaders in my lifetime. Many of them are so weak and ineffective it's made me wonder how they ever landed their job. 

Or any job. 


What does the ideal leader look like anyway? Are they supposed to know everything...literally everything about the business? Should they be calm in every situation? 

When it comes to decision-making, they are the ones that are supposed to have it all figured out. They are the people we all lean on when the pressure gets too intense. They are always there for the rest of us.

But who is there for them?

I'm afraid that the vision of what a leader should be has outpaced what the world will ever allow. Honestly, is anyone that good? 

Or, is there an opportunity for contemporary leaders to recognize that through relying on one another...building a small group of energized yet humble colleagues working toward a common vision...that something special can be achieved?

One of my favorite phrases in the office is to "keep it real." I say this because I don't like getting caught in the world of jargon, or HR-speak, or whatever the lingo is in the industry where I'm working.

Real people...which is everyone by the real talk. Not corporate speak, or fast-talking empty suites that can't execute on anything meaningful. Maybe it's time we stop expecting leaders to have all the answers, and allow them the freedom to engage everyone on the team to help build something special?

How About You
It turns out I've aspired to be one of those mythical beings for a long time. I've experienced the pressure to be perfect in every situation. I've felt embarrassed when I stumbled (imagine that...I'm human after all.) Leadership is a team sport...and that's not a myth at all.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



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