Monday, March 16, 2015

Strength of the World

Do you believe you can make a difference in your organization? In the life of your employees? How about your customers, vendors, and other business partners?

Do you? 

Do you believe it deep inside. I'm not talking about the same old rah rah speech you've heard over the years from the executives in your life. I mean do YOU believe YOU can do it?

Talk Means Nothing
So much time is spent challenging leaders to be better, including this blog, that you would think all of the leaders out there would have to be good because there is so much to read, learn about, and practice in their workplaces.

But alas, we're talking about human no, we won't have perfect leaders running around. Instead we'll have leaders that continue to struggle with their ego, power, bias, and the nastiest of all burdens, the narrow lens that they see the world through.

"I must be right, I'm the manager!"

Decide To Be Better
The decision to elevate your leadership game does not happen in a single moment. It is a daily decision...a meeting to meeting decision...and sometimes a moment by moment choice to be better.

Are you ready to make that level of commitment? Don't answer yet. Deciding to be one of the most impactful leaders ever is not a decision you make thirty seconds into a blog post. It is something that you thoughtfully consider.
It's a decision that requires that you surround yourself with a team of people outside your organization that you can rely on when the fun part of leadership becomes the heaviest of burdens.

It requires your total focus and attention. Anything less, and you will simply be one of the many well-intended and woefully mediocre managers out there across the world of work.

How About You
The strength necessary to be a true leader is extraordinary. But you have it in you. Put your leadership plan together that will help you change how you work, think, act and perform.

It will change how you every moment. Now is your time.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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