Monday, July 6, 2015

Born to Serve

"Despite everything you think you know,
You're ruled by a ruinous pack of lies.
You mean nothing in the grand scheme of things,
You're nothing in this vacuum hole of time."

Wait, what?

Who Are You Listening To?
There are lots (and I mean lots) of voices in our heads every day. Our colleagues, employees, peers, leaders, and perhaps the most challenging of them all...


Often the political pressure of corporate life creates an alternative reality that when uncovered, seems to fall apart just as quickly as it whipped itself into a frenzy. But those voices...and their ability to impact our lives...are still powerful.

Our job is to not only manage those voices...but quite honestly to drown them out and lead the way!

One Voice Wins
Where does one start when the world seems to be pushing in from all sides? 

For me, it's about sorting through the noise...the self-serving agendas...and the power plays that seem to drive so much of, human...behavior. 

Once all of the variables are clear, the path we must take becomes clear. Your path...the one your honest, sincere voice has been telling you about is the one to choose. 

Stop listening to the critics.
Stop listening to the power-hungry phonies.
Stop listening to the leaders caught up in the fake world of corporate "fit" and "opinions."

...and stop listening to that inner self-doubt voice. It's wrong.

How About You
Whose voices are in your head? Are they distracting you...confusing you...trapping you in a downward spiral that serves others and not yourself?

It's time to go for it...for yourself...and make a real difference!

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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