Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brand Champion? I Don't Think So

One of the core components of an effective recruitment marketing strategy is that leaders in the organization are actively engaged.

When I say engaged, I mean actually doing things...not just offering "support" during monthly recurring meetings. They have to be brand ambassadors.

Yes, the leadership. Not the HR staff. Not the Marketing staff. Not a 20 year old college dropout who "knows how to do social media."

You have to do it.

Leader Brand
Now that social media dominates the world of work (yes it does, whether you like it or not), your brand as a leader is not only important, it has already been established and is public.

What's that? You say you aren't active on social media so it's impossible for you to have a leader brand? Sorry...your absence says something very powerful about your brand... don't have one.

The good news is that it's easy to get started:

- Spruce up your Linkedin profile (good pic, copy and paste your resume)

- Open a twitter account (use the same pic from your LInkedin account)

- Download snapchat. (it won't kill you...and everyone you're going to hire in the next 10 years is using it every day)

Here's a little secret that will help transform you from zero-to-hero so you can finally start practicing what you preach. Your organization already develops content and pushes it out through the organization-wide marketing social media channels. This content has been vetted, approved, and is already out there.

You don't have to ask for permission, or worry about what you're posting. Just share, retweet or post it on your accounts.


Content drives engagement. Content highlights the amazing people in your company. If you're not sharing your own organization's content, you clearly are embarrassed about where you work, right? Otherwise, if you were a real brand ambassador, you would be sharing as much as you possibly could.

Are you with me?

How About You
It's time to back up all that talk at the annual years of service banquet about how "incredible your people are." Annual praise is empty. Start leading in the 21st century and set yourself apart from the competition. You'll be amazed at the results.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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