Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Piece of Your Action

Quick poll: how many of you have executives running around your organization getting into everyone else’s business? These same leaders are often focused on their own popularity instead of tackling the real issues facing organizations in a thoughtful, intentional way.
…and how many of your other colleagues wish “someone” would do something about it?

We Created This Problem
Perhaps I’m reaching a bit, but here goes. At times if feels as if society has created a mindset that almost demands we avoid hurting people’s feelings at all costs, raising controversial topics, or…heaven forbid…holding people accountable!

What if they don’t like me anymore?
What will “they” think about me?
I’m not good at confrontation.

Well, I have to ask…what the heck are you doing in a leadership role? This is not daycare. 

Let’s Ask Ourselves
Have we created a new generation of weak leaders who are proud to have finished 9th, and no longer understand their obligation to get results (in a thoughtful way…yes, it can be done.)

Are the legions of junior level executives now positioned to assume true leadership roles, actually ready to take that next step?

By the way…age has NOTHING to do with this dilemma. We all see leaders who are “older" yet behave as if they are still trying to win a popularity contest instead of taking bold decisive action.

How many times do they need to admit that they made a mistake before we relieve them of the burden of their own "leadership?"  

Solving the Problem
How do we correct this situation quickly? There is a simple solution, yet I don’t think many will follow this path. It will require standing alone while your colleagues watch and wonder what will happen to you.

Confront the leader who wants a piece of the action directly. Directly.

Directly. (are you with me?)

How About You
Are you exhausted from managing the behavior of the executives in your organizaiton? Trust, that you are not alone. Make the decision to step up and do what everyone wants “someone” to do.

You are that someone.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses. 

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