Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tomb With A View

I spent many years as a traditional guy in conservative corporate environments. I thought that was supposed to be my path. It did allow me to provide for my family, discover a career path and industry that I fell in love with; and, helped me ultimately learn that I could be much more.

So Many Trapped
As I've gone through such a profound (and candidly, exciting as all hell) transition to my new life professionally, I can't help but reflect back on so many friends and colleagues who are still trapped.

So many talented people begin their careers with enthusiasm, get promoted, and then...somehow...found themselves at a minimum dissatisfied, and at worst completely miserable.

In effect, they are in a career tomb with a view.

A view of their success.
A view of their corporate cage.
A view of the possibilities on the outside through floor to ceiling windows.

Resurrection Day
For the last (nearly) two years I have experienced something very different from the first half of my professional life. As the world has changed and companies needs have changed, our ability as experienced professionals creates new opportunities. 

Although taking a big step out of the corporate suite is scary; for me, it quickly became clear that the world of "critical meetings" and "huge issues" were more often than not simply internal noise.

Don't let the culture inside your organization define your entire world view. There is so much more...the opportunities are endless...and for those that have committed to being a contemporary leader, nothing can stop you.

How About You
Maybe it's time that you seriously considered whether or not that "view" is worth it. Do your research, make sure you are current in the world of work and in your industry...

...and go for it.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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