Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Really Matters

There are two things in life that clearly demonstrate our priorities, values, and commitments; despite our endless talk, arm flailing, and sometimes bombastic speeches about accountability and strategy in fancy conference rooms.

Regardless of what we say, wish, or believe that we are doing, our calendars are one of the most powerful sources of truth about our lives. They show what we've decided was important.

Maybe it's extra hours at work (that sometimes includes a long commute); extra time at home to complete work tasks; time with family; hobbies; time to exercise; or simply time to read, relax and decompress from a high impact world.

Whatever it is that you do...your calendar is the one place you can reflect on and learn about what you do...not necessarily what you say you will do.

The other great equalizer in our lives is the record of how we spend our money. That history reflects what is important to us. Sure, we all have bills to pay; however, our money trail often tells a much more insightful story.

Usually, not every penny is only spent on bills. So where do the other few dollars slip away too? Hmmm...a telling story awaits if one is only to do a little digging.

How About You
What priorities do you have for your time and resources? Will they be well spent? Perhaps documenting what you think really matters and then comparing that list to your reality is a good place to start?

Or, are you simply too busy to worry about such things?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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