Thursday, January 26, 2017

Screaming Soul

I yelled today.*

It was loud.

It was aggressive.

It was on point.

I'm not one to raise my voice very often. But there are times when it is necessary to break through the malaise of the world of work and cut to the heart of an issue. 

How many times have you watched something fail...knowing it would fail...but you stood by watching it fall apart anyway?

It's not easy to get that fired up and still (hopefully) have the respect of your colleagues. 

It's not easy knowing that the space you're venturing into with your words and energy is going to go beyond "disruption."

But leadership isn't about watching things fail and praising how wonderful the organization is because it is so skilled at failure. I hate that BS excuse.

Leadership is about going hard (and often solo) in order to avoid disaster.

How About You
The next time you see well intended actions headed for a major miss, and the warning signs are ignored, make sure you do something about it. Not only are you getting paid to do the right thing, but others are watching to see if you have the courage to stand tall when it matters most.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


*Happened a long time ago

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