Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Recruiters Talk to Candidates, Right?

No, I'm not joking. There are some organizations out there that believe a recruiter's job is to wander around in the ATS, find applicants that match minimum job requirements, and forward those resumes to various hiring managers.

Well, friends, that is not recruiting. That is simply embarrassing.

(extra long pause here for those of you frantically wondering if this is how your recruitment team operates)

Seeing It Differently
For many traditional human resources departments, and in particular #HealthcareHR teams, the notion of sourcing, screening, and actively recruiting...is something that they don't have to do. 

Their organizations believe they are so special that they can just blindly meander through the flood of applicants and eventually find viable candidates. 

This simply can not continue if quality patient care is actually a priority for the organization. 

An outdated and poorly trained "recruitment" team is unacceptable in the competitive healthcare industry.

Stop With the Ancient Excuses
Many of my colleagues in the #HealthcareHR space cling to old behaviors, wasteful strategies, and tired excuses as to why they can no longer find talent.

Consider the consequences of their ineffectiveness:
- rampant use of expensive contract labor
- excessive overtime
- low morale due to persistent staffing shortages
- patient diversions due to the inability to fill critical positions
- lost revenue

It is (far beyond) time for massive changes in how human resources positions itself. There is no more important part of the organization when one takes into account the devastating impact of staffing shortfalls.

No one should stand in the way of a high impact talent acquisition strategy.

No one should deny that unless healthcare organizations compete in the most contemporary of ways they will struggle, and ultimately fail.

No one should assume they have greater authority over the work that HR must deliver on in the name of "protecting the brand" or "worrying about social media."

Good God, it's 2017. If you have anyone pushing back using these excuses you have every right to run them over with the reality of the business case that ensures organizational survival.

But first...

How About You
...but first...you must step up your professional game and embrace the strategies that work in today's digital world. The old approaches you've used for so long, that are failing miserably, must be let go.

Reach out to a trusted friend, colleague, mentor...me...to get the support you need. There isn't any time left to wait.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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