Monday, June 12, 2023

Developing Your Internal Brand

The word brand gets thrown around a lot lately. Candidly, I do a fair amount of that throwing. Why? Because your brand matters.

And just so we’re clear, you already have one whether you’ve invested any time into developing it properly or not.

One more thing, your employees and colleagues are fully aware of your brand regardless of whether or not you are.

So, here’s a quick set of action steps you can take today to improve your internal brand.

1. Schedule regular meetings with important colleagues on a recurring basis. The best professional relationships are built on much more than just meeting deadlines and being a collaborative team member.

2. Start using (or finding) your leadership voice. Simply being on the team is not enough. Demonstrate your expertise, insights, and opinions. Be someone who matters to the overall progress of the company.

3. Take risks. Don’t make every decision based on the safest move. Be bold, and watch how others gravitate toward you.

What else have you done to improve your internal leadership brand?

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