Monday, June 6, 2022

I'm Fine

Tough topic. My mental health. And some tough questions too.

Shouldn't I have a bigger circle of close friends?

Shouldn't I be more open?

Shouldn't I be able to handle the pressure I'm under?

Shouldn't it be easy to be available for everyone who needs me whenever they need me?

Shouldn't I be strong 24/7?

It's taken a long time to sort through these. Considering the answer to each of these questions is so short, you might assume it wasn't difficult to get to that answer.

Well, it was.

Finding ways to examine how I was feeling...really feeling...took time. More importantly it took courage (at least it did for me) to look at myself and say I couldn't handle it all sometimes.

That was really hard.

So I set out finding solutions instead of just suffering. I turned more heavily to my faith; I hired a personal trainer and a nutrition coach; and I even committed to getting out on the water regularly to just...

There are people things to figure out too...that's going to take some extra time.

Oh, and the answer to all of those questions? 

It was, and still is an emphatic 'no.'

Thanks for being here.



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