Monday, October 3, 2022

Vulnerable Leadership

These words don’t sound compatible, do they? Vulnerable and leadership?

My corporate upbringing in leadership was based on having all the answers, not showing the personal side of my life, demonstrating my status as a subject matter expert, and above all else never showing my weaknesses.

Hmm, that didn’t age well.

I’ve been on somewhat of a vulnerability path in 2022. Professionally I’m open to new ideas, new opportunities and new strategies more than ever (which is really saying something.) Personally I’ve gone through more change this year than I can remember.

So, what is the thread that connects all of these massive shifts in my life? 

Getting (somewhat) comfortable with vulnerability.

For the record, getting to this point required a lot of work. Introspection, becoming more self-aware, and ultimately sharing the output of that effort with all of you is…well…really scary.

My non-stop self talk machine is forever questioning this shift to vulnerability. Will others think I’m weak? Will this compromise my career? Will I lose the respect of my friends and colleagues?

The answer to these questions has been a resounding, no!

In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. It turns out that showing the raw human side of me has opened conversations about the struggles we all face regardless of our success and scope of responsibility.

How do you handle being vulnerable? Is it something you’re starting to embrace; or, is it something that needs to stay deep inside for now?

Thanks for being here.



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