Monday, December 4, 2023

Leadership Stuff I’ve Been Thinking About

I’m sharing a collection of random thoughts that seem to be taking up a disproportionate amount of headspace lately. Not sure what it all means…maybe nothing…maybe a deep spiritual puzzle for me to figure out…or maybe just that overachieving self-talk machine hard at work.
  • Why don’t organizations invest heavily in their leaders when the link between employee engagement, productivity, profitability and culture are almost exclusively based on leadership impact?
  • Why aren’t more senior executives comfortable being vulnerable when we know this demonstrates how human and accessible they can be?

  • Why isn’t kindness a required leadership competency when we know the dramatic impact kindness has on all people?
  • Why aren’t leaders required to be involved in their communities to demonstrate that their organization is focused on more than just revenue and shareholder value?
  • Why don’t we openly talk about faith…all faiths…in the workplace when we know the power of a healthy spiritual life?

Thanks for being here.


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