Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Difference = Success

I've been thinking about the power of difference lately, and what it means to leadership.  My organization has successfully recruited several new leaders who are going to bring fresh perspectives, experiences, and energy to "our world."  We've also promoted others into leadership roles they've earned through hard work and dedication => and they're doing great.  But they aren't quoting chapter and verse of the company leadership manual; rather, they're bringing their unique approach to working with their respective teams.  Our new external leaders have also shown keen insights into our culture, which is exciting to see before they've even stepped foot in their office.

Difference is Cool
What strikes me about this phase of my organization's journey is that the energy I feel is not about another group of bobble heads showing up at our door step; but rather, that a team of high profile leaders from inside and outside the organization are joining our team with totally different perspectives than what we all grew accustomed to..."our way."  I think this is very cool.

Difference is Diversity
The real power of difference, of course, is that other term that gets us so confused -diversity.  It's a powerful word, that once you get over the typical "recruitment quota paranoia" you'll realize is the engine that will drive your organization out of its current rut.  If you don't believe me, think about those that "suddenly" make an impact in your corporate world.  Who are the leaders that do things "differently" and make such a powerful impact?  Hmm...leaders that stand out because they are different....are you with me?

How About You
Difference really is about success.  Considering all of the bad news that the media loves to push on us 24/7 about credit ratings, unemployment, and weak earnings reports; it sure would be nice to enjoy some success for a change wouldn't it?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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