Monday, October 24, 2011

I See A Clear Path With My Narrow Mind

Some of you may know I am heavily into hockey as a fan, hockey dad, and for the last five years as a youth hockey coach.  As our team continues to improve and play against some of the highest level talent in the country we’re stressing the concept of peripheral vision with our players.  Hmm, peripheral vision.

The concept is so simple, yet all too frequently I find myself following my vision, or my plan, or my idea in my professional life.  Am I really taking into account all of the factors, perspectives, and options when I make decisions?  I’m guessing the answer is no.  That isn’t a good feeling.

Tunnels Are Easy
Have you ever driven through a tunnel?  How many options did have to proceed?  The path before you was obvious and knowing exactly what the plan was made it easy to execute.  No decisions, no challenges, no need for others to help steer the car.  You had it all under control.

Peripheral Takes Practice
Back to my hockey club…we recently told the boys they needed to practice using peripheral vision in their daily lives because the more they practiced this skill the better they would become.  Imagine that…practicing a skill each day will make you better at that skill?  How many times have I missed opportunities to “practice” my peripheral vision at work?  Too many I fear.

How About You
How do you overcome your tunnel vision?  Do you trust those around you enough to include them in decisions: or, is the path before you so clear that there really is no need for any additional input?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of timgrey


  1. Yes it is true Coach Jay - the sport we love offers many lessons in life for the young players. It is wonderful that you and so many others of giving or your time to teach these young folk not just about hockey but life as well.

  2. Thanks turns out they're teaching me just as much.