Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Leadership in Just 5 Minutes a Day!

We've seen the infomercials, the commercials, and all the other advertisements out there trying to convince us that hard work is no longer necessary. Simply invest a few minutes a day in your health, weight management, body, positive-thinking, leadership, fill-in-the-blank...and you will transform your life. Really? Six pack abs in 5 minutes?

They're lying.

Work Hard, Get Results
There are no easy paths to getting the results you want. I've tried shortcuts, doing what I thought was just enough, and believing my own self-talk press releases. Let me tell you those strategies don't work.  There simply are no shortcuts at any stage of the journey, whether it's in our personal life or professional life. The only times I've truly been successful are when I commit myself to achieving something. Yes, I spend time talking about it, and planning for it. But then I DO something. Hey, there's a novel concept!

Hacking Up HR
Recently my team and I realized we had some fairly inefficient and cumbersome processes that were slowing down our recruitment efforts. We mapped out our problems, identifed solutions, and now we're implementing them. It's the "doing" that separates leaders from talkers. Yes, I'm a big talker, but if I don't involve my team in addressing problems and then execute on those plans I shouldn't be in a leadership role.

How About You
Very few things in life bring great results with little or no effort. Decide on the most important things in your life and get started. Whether its finally trying P90X (which I can personally confirm DOES work), or venturing out of your safety zone at work to make sure real progress is made, get fired up about the hard work ahead. Besides, how great does it feel when you've accomplished something really difficult? Wouldn't you like to experience that feeling again?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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  1. So true - the best work usually emerges when you work so hard preparing that it looks easy.

  2. Thanks Laura...couldn't agree more!