Monday, December 2, 2013

Left for Dead

If only the world of work was free from drama, false accusations, unnecessary stress, and energy being spent dealing with people intent on tearing others down in pursuit of their own agenda. When I think about the time I've spent addressing issues that were exclusively intended to be hurtful and were untrue, versus helping others achieve breakthrough performance, it makes me sad.

Maybe that is the role of the human resources practitioner today; maybe it is the result of an accountability-based leadership style; or perhaps it is simply the result of working with other human beings. Whatever the reason, there is an overlooked group in all of the noise that swirls around us, and they deserve to be looked after. 

Rock Solid

We all have team members who we rely on to deliver quality work. They are the ones who are on board with our ideas, strategies, and changes. We look to them to deliver time and time again and they represent the brand better than most. We rely on their track record of success and count on them to keep pushing the organization forward.

These are people we've learned to trust because they've earned it over a period of years.


So what happens when that team member is the target of an attack? What happens when someone else decides their own agenda is more important than the truth and they go after that team member?

Do we jump? Do we overreact? Do we blindly believe the accusations without understanding the dynamics involved? 

Of course we don't.

We're professionals, and we invest the time necessary to make sure all sides are heard so we can cut through the personal agendas and get to the truth.

But what about that strong performer who is now stuck in the middle of a mess? Particularly when all indications point to someone else's self-serving agenda? Do you reach out to support that team member; or, are they alone in a very unfamiliar place? 

How About You

When you're working on a difficult situation, do you reach out to support everyone involved? Or, do you shun the one in the middle of the storm? Is that fair? Don't you think those strong members of your team deserve better?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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