Monday, December 9, 2013


Sports lingo is often used to describe the world of work. We need to "get in the game" or "take one for the team" or "sacrifice to reach our goals." These phrases are used over and over in the workplace, and in locker rooms at all levels of athletics.

Not All Fun and Games
The word we don't often interject into our business lexicon is miracle. Except where I work. You see my organization not only uses the word miracle regularly...we perform them. There is something unique about a pediatric hospital that is difficult to describe to those who haven't experienced one.

And yes, our team of employees literally save some of the most fragile little souls you could imagine. I recently attended a community event, and when I introduced myself and where I work to another gentleman I was taken aback with his response: "you saved my son!"

"You saved my son." When was the last time someone said that to you?

Good Work Really Does Take A Team
Obviously I am not a clinician, so I didn't actually save that man's son. But I am a member of an organization that does amazing things every performing miracles. I am also a member of the team that helps make those miracles possible. I actually feel that I am a part of that process along with our incredible employees.

Leading Means Building Teams
One of the great responsibilities in the world, whether it be in sports or work, is the role of the leader. They are the ones that build the teams, create the culture that the team can thrive in, and actively participate, even when they may not enjoy every phase of the task at hand. Leaders can not simply opt out because the road gets difficult...they are the ones the rest of the team is looking to for guidance.

How About You
I am a huge sports in particular. Even though sports and work are very different things, sometimes a miracle happens in both settings. How are you building your miraculous team? What miracles are you going to make happen today?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



  1. "What miracles are you going to create today?" Love it. Jay, that's such a powerful question and much different from "What are you going to excel at today?" or "What's your top priority today?" Got me thinking...