Friday, April 11, 2014

I Can't Go Back Now (There Is No Retreat)

Life is stormy at times. Often overwhelming. Hopefully when the storm comes it hits either in our work lives, or our personal lives, but not simultaneously. When it slams into our world we feel the pressure...and sometimes it can feel like it is too much.

But it's not.

Each of our lives is filled with noise. That noise often tells us what we're supposed to do...or think...or who we're supposed to be...or what choices we should make. Those voices often place burdens of guilt and blame on us that feel so heavy we can't imagine ever getting out from underneath. Maybe we should settle and accept our fate? Maybe that noise is the 'right thing' after all?

But it's not. 

Faith In The Storm
When the pressure of the world builds to a point that you feel you cannot escape, it's time to slow down and listen. Your heart and head will guide you. You know the path that lies ahead of you. It's scary and uncertain and complicated. You know it is the right thing...but it feels like it's impossible to follow.

But it's not.

How About You
Has the time come in your life to accept that the future you once thought was so clear has turned out to be something far different? Have you seen the potential for something that is so much better that you are drawn to it and couldn't stop even if you tried?

You can't go back now. You've seen a glimpse into the future...and it is so very good!

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



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