Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Most Important Thing

"Someone needs to speak with Steve. His behavior is getting worse in our meetings, and I'm afraid he's going to alienate his colleagues to the point of no return."

"Sharon is not giving us an answer. I think she's unclear about whether or not to commit to the project. Something needs to happen...the whole process has stopped."

"Why does that team struggle with their part of the strategic plan? We need them to get moving so we can all meet our deadlines. This is getting ridiculous." 

"We have a variety of options...we need to make a decision..."

Lots of Things
The world of work is filled with pressure. One day we're learning about a colleague's irrational behavior, and the next we're trying to roll out a new culture change initiative across the enterprise. In between we're juggling deadlines, talent shortages, and how we can lead a new employer branding campaign.

Leaders have lots of things to do.

Focusing On A Few Things
For as much as I love Wunderlist (read here --> could not live without it!) there is a certain reality to how much we can realistically expect to get done each day. 

Somehow I'm able to have a longer list than I have hours in the day, but that doesn't stop me from loading up that app with all sorts of things I need to do.

When I sort through my priorities however, there is a very short list that actually demands my attention. Those are the items I focus on, and then reprioritize the others as best I can.

The Most Important Thing
As I power through the demands, expectations, and stress I feel each day, it is crystal clear to me what the most important thing is that must be done. It isn't a task or related to a major strategic goal. It is something that should happen frequently and with conviction.

I need to make decisions. You do too. 

Waiting for every bit of information to come in means you've missed your opportunity. Showing how indecisive you are actually means your team is losing confidence in you. Leadership is about being bold, driving change and being confident. 

What culture do you create when you live in the dreaded world of analysis-paralysis? I'll tell's a world where no one will follow you. 

How About You
Instead of worrying, over-thinking, and wondering if you might make the wrong decision; try this instead --> do something! Show your colleagues, employees, and customers why you are the leader. That won't happen if you're will happen when you stand up and make it happen!

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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