Thursday, October 9, 2014

Don't Tread...On the Brand!

Recently I walked into the building where my office is located, and one of our Security Officers stopped me to ask a question. She wondered why I step to the side every time I come into the building as the doors slide open? 

I thanked her for asking me, and explained there are rugs with the organization's name and logo printed on them at the entrances to every building, and that I refuse to step on the logo for any reason. I told her it's one of the ways I show respect for our brand.

All In My Head
I have been doing this little maneuver for a long time, but it is rare that any one notices. I've wondered if it is worth paying attention at that level...we have a lot of rugs with logos on them! What came to me next was quite surprising.

Even if no one ever notices my private sign of respect, I know I'm doing it. My consistent respect for the brand reinforces in my head each time how important the brand is and what it represents. It doesn't matter if anyone every notices. I know I'm doing it, which is a little jolt of energy around how important the brand is each time I step to the side.

How About You
What action do you take to ensure you respect your company's brand? 

As leaders, our personal and professional brands are interwoven to such a degree, that everything we do can make an impact. 

Using designated hashtags (like #ACHculture for me), re-posting or sharing company generated content, or writing in forums like this are just some of the ways we can represent our organizations and ourselves. 

What do you do?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



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