Monday, October 6, 2014

Everything Is So Clear Now

The world of work can change in an instant. One minute life is on track, and then suddenly we're faced with a turn of events that we didn't anticipate. Or did we? How often have we heard the phrase "I never saw that coming." How is it possible that we don't see everything coming?

Eyes Open
Many organizations have gone through periods of massive change over the last few years. Post-recession alignments, acquisitions, and new leaders have triggered a flurry of different approaches in all aspects of corporate life. The savvy leader has paid attention to these changes and has been preparing for "the unexpected" twists and turns that naturally come during times of change.

The Head and The Heart
What often gets in the way of a full understanding of what is happening around us is the emotional connection we our work...our organization...our colleagues. Those emotions are important strengths that build culture and drive our companies forward. 

However, when there are simply too many changes to track at one time, it is also important to step back from the emotional energy that can cloud our vision, and think strategically about the impact of that long list of changes that is being implemented all at once.

Are you tracking each change? Are you connecting with and supporting other key leaders in the organization to ensure the changes are executed consistently and fairly? 

Have you provided candid feedback regarding your concerns, or is that not an option in the new world order?

The intentional decision to step back and critically examine the changes in your organization will help you be both thorough in your work, and fired up on the emotional side as well.

How About You
What is happening in your world? Are you examining the impact with both your heart and your head? Both will be important as you lead the way for your organization.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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