Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Funeral Hymn

"I've always wanted to do that."
- said everyone who ever lived

How many times have we heard this line? How many times have we said it? It's funny that we put so much effort into our careers, and yet as we learn and grow as professionals we feel we must embrace our titles or industries to define who "we are."


Wait, what?

When you look back at who you were at 15, 25, 35, 45, 55....were you the same person at every age? Did your view of the world change? Did your life experiences shape how you made decisions and chose to behave?

Of course they did. But when it comes to our career path, we often fall into the trap that our title or profession "is" who we are, no matter what we learn or experience or become interested in.

Want To vs. Will Do
Obviously there is a big difference between "always wanting to sky dive" as a bucket list to do item, and "always wanting to work in a different industry or role." The bucket list is for focus is on the latter point.

It takes courage to admit that you could do more...and make a move that is unsettling at best, and downright scary at worst. (or is the scary part the best? Hmmm)

When you consider the incredible number of hours, training, networking, reading, writing and learning you've done over the years it will be difficult to justify that you aren't prepared to make a bold move and follow what you enjoy doing, and that you're good at.

Bold moves are the best moves.

If you're already doing what you absolutely love, then be the best. Push yourself to contribute in a way that you never thought about in the past. There are no limits, so think big.

"Too Late" Is For Wimps
Have you convinced yourself that it is too late to make the move you can't stop thinking about? I just made a bold move after twenty years in the same industry. I changed everything because I learned new things and realized I wanted to follow a different path.

I put together a plan, and worked that plan. You can too. Get out your iPad and start listing what you really want to do. Identify what you're good at, and confirm your list with friends and colleagues.

There is absolutely nothing holding you back.

How About You
It is not time for the funeral hymn on your career to play. Now is your time take your career and your personal satisfaction to a whole new level. Stop waiting...start next year at this time you'll be DOING!

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



  1. Great read & advise Jay!
    Bold moves are the best moves...
    Currently I developed my plan, working on my list and I'm not quitting anytime soon. As a retired competitive Latin Ballroom Dancer my biggest competitor is myself trying to become a better person & professional I was yesterday.
    I love the challenge ~ Jeannette

  2. Sometimes the decision gets made for you to have to re-invent yourself. Re-inventing is painful when you're going through it but feels great when you come out on the other side!