Monday, February 16, 2015

The Enemy Inside

"I'm running from the enemy inside..."

I go through periods of time when life seems to be moving so fast, hitting me from every direction, and at a pace that could be considered too much to handle. Some might even think that retreating and shutting down would be a reasonable response.

Except I've recently discovered I'm not wired to let all of that action become a distraction. What happens though is probably not a sustainable response...even by my somewhat skewed  - shall we say 'uptempo' - view of the world.

When life hits me hard...I hit back. It takes a variety of forms ranging from working harder, writing more, working out multiple times per day, eating even more clean than I already do, and thinking bigger about the future.
So I've been processing about whether or not my "charge into battle" response makes sense or not. The deeper I go with this...the more I'm realizing that I don't retreat...ever. Candidly, I don't think moving 100 mph every day is necessarily the best plan. Was I always this way?

"...looking for the life I left behind..."

When do my mind and body rest? When do my big plans, punishing workouts, and obsession with every gram of food (literally) get put to the side so I can rest and recharge?

What is the proper response when you are accustomed to handling things in a certain way?

Habits Are Hard to Break
I'm not going to lie. I am absolutely dialed in to going full throttle when challenges come at me. I need to find the balance between an all out epic battle with life; and instead, pivot and use downtime for my mind and body as an intentional strategy.

Always getting fired up about kicking ass when life is in your face may sound cool, but sustaining a constant battle-ready mindset just doesn't work 24/7.

"...these suffocating memories are etched upon my mind..."

How About You
What do you do when life comes at you from all sides. Have you figured out how to take some time each day to collect your thoughts and regroup? Or, is it an all out epic struggle for supremacy?

"....and I can not escape from the enemy inside..."

For me, I love the battle, but I'm going to start integrating some downtime too. It just might help me kick life back even harder than before.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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