Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Broken

- muscular power, mental power, moral power, power by reason of influence, endurance

I take pride in being strong. I work hard in the office, on the road with clients, and in the gym taking care of myself. I push myself to be current in the work that I do, and I am not afraid to make big sacrifices for those that rely on me in all aspects of my life.

Being strong, for me, has become part of who I am...not just something I "try to be."

But sometimes being strong all the time is hard.

Power affects us all. For some, power becomes a drug that replaces our work and evolves into our primary focus. The work, the team, and sadly common sense are soon forgotten as the cult of personality takes over. 

For others, power is a scary burden that is simply too much too manage. Although those leaders believe they can handle the responsibility and impact that comes with power, it quickly becomes obvious to those around them that they 
are not yet ready.

Power corrupts our ability to be strong in a healthy way.

The peaks and valleys of being strong, feeling strong, and occasionally feeling like you've lost your edge are normal. The challenge, as I've learned over and over again, is to rise up each time you feel like you've slipped off course.

The danger is that we allow the feeling that we're somehow irreparably broken to become the lens we see ourselves through.

But that doesn't mean we don't feel that way sometimes. 

How About You
Who do you know that might feel broken today? Maybe it's a colleague, a team member...or you. Don't lose your momentum. Keep pushing...take care of yourself...and don't let the noise of the world turn you sideways.

You are stronger than you think...and you sure as hell are not broken. I'm not either.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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