Thursday, June 18, 2015

Abeyance (Will Kill Your Career)

Work can feel like a mad scramble sometimes. The priority list...the projects...the endless stream of 'important' email...lots of meetings...

...and don't let me forget the tremendous weight of the pressure from our personal lives that can push us to the brink...

Hmm. One could easily get caught up in their own drama and fall hopelessly behind on every front. Don't tell anyone, but that happens to me once in a while.

As it turns out, feeling sorry for yourself helps you complete exactly zero items  on your Wunderlist. Although I am a big fan of allowing stress and pressure to wash over you, through you...and then out of you, I'll admit that it's no fun when it's happening.

Once you've completed  your self-inflicted pity festival (they're usually much bigger than a pity 'party' in my world) it's go time. Time to bring things back into focus. 

Time to get a game plan based on tackling one issue at a time. Trying to catch up everything at once is not only foolish, it won't work, so don't waste your time.

Get back to work...get your life organized...take one positive step forward.

There is another important piece to the "get your ass back in gear" mentality. That is, you actually have to do something. First steps, baby steps, or one-step-at-a-time approaches are terrific to get you started. But they are a long way from executing effectively on the totality of your responsibilities.

When you start to feel good about yourself as you get things back on track, remember to use that positive energy and take a deep dive into a major priority. You'll feel'll get your work done...and you will be back on top of your game.

How About You
It's not easy to go from feeling like a zero to a feeling like a hero. Wallowing in self-pity may be a convenient excuse, but it sure as heck doesn't get your work done. Now is the time to get yourself together.

Focus. Execute. Win.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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