Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's Important Now

I have a long list of priorities in my life right now. You probably do too. When I think about the expectations of me to a lot.

Whether that means coming through consistently for my company and our making sure I am "there" for everyone in my personal finding time to do something for myself (ha!) has become a long list.

So which of these things is most important now?

So before I get too deep into this topic I need to clarify an important point: I love the rush of a hectic lifestyle. I get fired up when there's pressure. I like being the one who has to make something happen when everything looks bleak. 

No, I don't have a hero complex. But candidly, I've seen enough leaders over the years who either analyze every situation so thoroughly that they make decisions once it is absolutely safe (and far too late to be effective); or other leaders who talk a good game but don't do anything...ever.

I'm not that guy. I'm the one who's willing to jump in and push a little too hard...before everything is just right...because forward momentum to me is far more important than perfection.

When was the last time you experienced perfection? I thought so....I never have either.

The impact of loving a hectic lifestyle however, is that the pressure can sometimes be too much. Always being "on" and delivering for everyone all the time (except yourself) can occasionally knock us off our game.

I hate when that happens to me. And yes, it feels like a curse sometimes.

How About You
What approach do you take to identify what is most important in your world? For as much as I work hard to keep it all moving forward...the reality is I'm human too. (Don't tell anyone...I don't want to ruin my reputation.)

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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