Monday, October 19, 2015

Over and Out

"No problem, I can handle it."

"I like the chaotic pace, it keeps me motivated."

"I'm not sure what's happening, but suddenly I don't feel the way I used to."

"I've had enough...this is not worth it."

Popular Issue...For A Reason
The burden of pride that often convinces the overachievers among us that we are invincible has a significant downside. The self-talk that normally keeps us on track and fuels our ability to power through difficult moments can sometimes get us into trouble.

Yes, I'm talking about the impact of stress in our work lives. 

Why am I bringing up a tired and often written about topic? Because it's the topic that keeps on giving! Pretending to be above it all; or, to state that we don't have time for stress to affect us simply exacerbates the problem.

Stress is real...for you and me...and needs to be managed effectively particularly if we're going to live up to all of the self-hype that is going on between our ears every day.

Effects and Management
The Mayo Clinic has a quick reference web page that discusses the fundamental impact of stress on well as some action we can take to counteract it.

Whether it is your body, mood or behavior stress can creep in and change us. I personally find that somewhat disconcerting! But recognition of the impact, as well as some quick fixes such as various forms of exercise, mediation or if problems persist a consultation with a health professional, can provide some relief and get us back on track.

How About You
Are you invincible like me? (insert epic eye roll here) Guess what, neither one of us are immune to the effect of too many issues hitting us all at once. Take a few minutes to learn about the signs of stress and stay one step ahead.

I'd love to hear from you

No Excuses.


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