Wednesday, March 16, 2016

World In A World

The modern workplace has two worlds that exist simultaneously. I know this because I've lived in both of them for many years. I didn't realize what was happening early on though.

Time to Talk
As a young HR Manager at my first hospital I tried hard to get along with my colleagues and team members. I wanted to be the one that wasn't afraid to jump into the fire, but did so in a way that I could maintain relationships with people even if we didn't agree on some issues.

That seemed like a natural approach to leadership, particularly after learning how not to lead in my first couple of jobs out of college.

When leaders and employees alike reached out to me "just to talk" I thought I was doing my job. So I listened...

...and I learned more than any textbook or leadership course could ever teach me.

Theories and "best practices" mean absolutely nothing when you're eye to eye with an employee who is struggling with an ineffective manager who is treating them poorly.

Many of those employees thought I helped them find their way. The reality is I learned more from them in my early years than they will ever know.

Time for Action
Now that I have many more years behind me, I now realize what was happening in those early days. Those discussion with employees, managers and executives continue to this day. The public world of meetings, protocol, and big powerpoint presentations pale in comparison to what is happening in the other world.

The other world is where real feelings...real issues...and candidly, the real decisions are made.

You know that, right? The real decisions are made outside the room.

How About You
Are you paying attention to the world in a world? It's paying attention to you, whether you know it or not. Make sure you lead in both worlds.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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