Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Do You Remember?

Something seems be changing in our world. People are angry, and want change, and are apparently making their views known in ways that are very different from what I remember. To be honest with you I’m rattled by all of this anger and what it may lead to in the not so distant future.

I remember….

- teaching my children that people of every color, religion, sexual orientation and nation were equal

- deciding to speak out against bigotry in my personal and professional life

- losing friends and colleagues because I stood up against narrow minded racist attitudes

- learning about the risks the leaders of the American Colonies took to create a new country based on freedom

- admiring Abraham Lincoln for stopping the scourge of slavery once and for all

- the chills I felt hearing Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said “…I may not get there with you…"

- gaining a deep understanding for the incredible leadership Dietrich Bonhoeffer demonstrated in fighting against the Nazi message of hate against specific groups of people, ultimately becoming one of the millions they murdered

- watching my parents fight for civil rights throughout their careers…and make a real difference

- my transition from someone who talks privately about diversity and equality, to being a leader who pushed through the MLK holiday and same sex partner benefits at a hospital I worked for

I remember when real leaders were admired for doing the right thing, not scaring people.

I remember being proud of America. I hope I will still feel that way in November.

How About You
What is it that stirs your soul to action? Is it your career, family, politics, or maybe just your core values that shape how you decide to lead each day?

Whatever it is…make sure those around you will be proud to be in your world.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses. 

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