Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Insufferable Hustler

There is a fine line between working hard (the hustle) and promoting yourself as the second coming (the hustler.) We see them all the time across our social media channels. 

One is truly working their version of the hustle, connecting with others, sharing knowledge, and offering to help at every turn. The other feels compelled to remind us how amazing they are...making sure any snippet about their latest post, webinar, or speech is broadcast far and wide for all to "enjoy."

The Hustle
The world of work seems to have changed faster in the last few years than it has in decades. Whether it's our smartphones, apps, social media accounts, live video or an endless demand for relevant content, our world moves fast!

There is something quite interesting about those that are dedicated to the hustle. They don't need to spend all their time promoting themselves. Other people do it for them.

Think about that for a minute. 

When you are working that hard...putting out high quality no longer need to be a human bullhorn. Your network will recognize you for the value you add.

The Hustler
At the other end of the spectrum is the hustler. They are everything that a professional is not. 

Their bios are filled with language about "expertise."
Their work is life-changing (for us!)
Their self-promoting noise level is deafening.

No one respects them. Sadly, they don't even realize.

How About You
What choices have you made about how you present yourself in the digital world? Do you hustle; or, are you a hustler?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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