Monday, April 4, 2016

X-Ray Visions

There is a thin line...and I mean a really, really thin line...between confidence and arrogance. 

Consider the leadership team in your organization. Presumably they are bright, experienced, and know that they have a clear vision for how the organization should be managed going forward. (you are part of this group by the way)

Unless they're wrong.
Unless they've overlooked something.
Unless they've closed themselves off and haven't asked the team for their input.


Psychic Warfare Is Real
I've discovered...through many face plants...that I should never underestimate the impact of my influence on the workplace. 

Have I inadvertently moved my employees in a direction that was not the best for my organization?  

Has my high energy around a certain topic led us down the wrong path from time to time?

Have I waged some form of psychic warfare unknowingly?

I Know What You're Thinking
I worry that we've fallen into our own leadership trap. Is it all so clear to us at the top, that we have convinced ourselves we can actually read the minds of our teams? (That typically means we know they're wrong...because we're right.)

How did we miss that line between confidence and arrogance?

The positive impact we can have is so powerful. It can mean the difference between maintaining or growing our organization to new levels of success. 

I want to make the right choice.

How About You
How do you balance that line between winning big and falling hard? I'm afraid I've stumbled back and forth too many times over the years.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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