Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The World's Most Dangerous Job

One of the most dangerous jobs in corporate life today is leading a progressive human resources team. You know, the kind you're leading, right?

This is not up for debate. The pressure to deliver new talent is at an all time high. The need to retain good employees is critical to achieving business goals. The costs associated with both of these priorities is so immense that most HR leaders can not quantify what is being spent today. 

Literally. They have no idea what their own costs are...

Most Dangerous
The reason HR leadership must be the most dangerous job is quite simple actually. With so many pressures on HR to deliver real results...and the clear absence of any meaningful action in most industries (#HealthcareHR leading the way here) is obvious that these leaders are simply too scared to take the steps necessary.

Too Harsh
Now before you all get worked up that I'm being too critical of HR please keep these points in mind:

- HR is rarely given the latitude to be creative (read here --> never)

- HR often attracts risk-averse leadership styles

- Adoption of contemporary talent strategies is not welcomed in the healthcare industry (which is counterintuitive to the how the industry interacts with patients)

- HR is always the corporate punching-bag when things go wrong (as in, ALWAYS)

The leaders I speak with (almost) to a person would like to move their talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies into the digital world; but, since they do not use contemporary tools and strategies themselves, they do not know where to begin.

How About You
Are you ready to buck the trend of HR always trailing behind the other business functions in your company? Let's find some time for a virtual cup of coffee, and discuss how you're only a few decisions away from dominating your world.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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