Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Recruitment Marketing Is Not A Threat

The concept of establishing an employer brand and then leveraging contemporary recruitment marketing strategies to capitalize on that brand are foreign to most HR leaders.

Sure, they've read about it, know they need to work on it, but somehow feel like making those moves would be controversial. Wait, what?

Telling the story of why your organization kicks ass is controversial? Um, no, it's not.

I can appreciate the fear that creeps into the minds of today's HR leaders. I've been one for more than 20 years myself.  You may not fully understand the concept of what an employer brand means. That's okay. You may worry that the Marketing Department will want to control your messages and content. That's okay too.

Here's the main have a job to do, and in order to do it effectively in the modern world of work, you must develop an employer brand strategy. It is no longer optional.

Feeling powerless? Wonder if you'll lose your job or lose political clout if you push this issue?

Consider how if feels in meeting after meeting when your Operations leaders are wondering why there aren't any applicants (or at least qualified ones) for their growing list of open positions.

Does that feel good? No, it does not.

Now consider the impact you can have by simply using the power you already have and taking action. No one will stand in your way if you make the business case for an employer brand strategy (insider tip: it's not hard to do!)

Don't underestimate the impact you can make. You have an opportunity to provide high impact, contemporary leadership right now. You simply have to decide to do it.

How About You
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