Monday, February 13, 2017


I have a dilemma. I struggle with trying to figure it out constantly in my work. The answer seems obvious to me, yet the concept feels impossible to so many. 

On one hand I recognize the impact a robust employer brand can have on an organization's recruitment and retention efforts.

On the other, I also recognize that most human resources, talent acquisition and other leaders do not have the will to develop their employer brands. That's right. They simply lack the willpower to do what I consider to be a mandatory part of their job.

Many of the executives I speak with tell me how they "wish they were farther along" with their employer brand, use of social media, and making their talent acquisition strategies more contemporary.

I ask them all the same question: "Why isn't it?" Then the long list of excuses, political barriers, and general insight into their timid leadership style shines brightly as they try to justify their inaction. 

It's sad really. So many smart, successful leaders who are simply afraid to lead. I wonder if they believe that if they wish hard enough, things might improve.

I hate to break this to you...but, no...nothing will improve unless you make the decision to improve.

Wishpower = Failure.

In fairness, most leaders today, particularly in HR and Talent Acquisition are not aware of the true potential that a well executed employer brand / social media strategy can have on their organization. However, the best ones decide to do something about it.

- They educate themselves
- They stop assuming the Marketing Department has more power than they do. (Who died and made Marketing the Boss?)
- They leverage world class resources that can help them dominate their competition

The best have the willpower to get it done.

How About You
Which one do you lean on....wishpower or willpower? Guess which one not only gets you the respect of your colleagues, but actually makes a difference in the life of your organization?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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