Monday, May 15, 2023

Finding Peace

The ever elusive goal of ‘being at peace.’

With so many changes in the world of work (and candidly our post-pandemic personal lives) I’m not quite sure how to define ‘peace’ anymore.

Is it feeling satisfied with your work life?
Perhaps it’s a special location that helps you unwind?
Maybe doing something you love brings you peace?
Could peace be achieved through someone else…your partner, children, friends?
Is it something we must continually pursue and “find?”
It could be just about us?
Does our faith or moral compass equate to our level of being at peace?

I’m not so sure it’s one thing or another. 

I think peace is about…all of these things. Our lives, and certainly our mental health is far more than a sound byte or catchy phrase.

We are complex individuals. Why wouldn’t our experience of peace be equally as complex?

I rather like that perspective actually. It speaks to me being so much more than a clever phrase of inspirational quote.

So perhaps finding peace means we accept that there are many pieces to who we are, and thus our journey will have lots of stops and starts along the way?

What do you think?

Thanks for being here.


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